Jenny Davis Yoga Relaxation Meditation - Yoga Relaxation Meditation

A Big Big Thank You To.............

• Swami Sarasvati, my Guru!  May you continue to bless  the world with your inspiring example of the great gift of Yoga.  God Bless!

Swami's website is:

• Eternity Ink and the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga School, for the wonderful background music to this website.

For insightful and beautiful guided meditation commentaries so lovingly created and  for sublime meditation music, please visit their website on:

• My Wonderful Family, your unfailing support, encouragement and love contine to show me the way to grow and become the best person I can be through Yoga - I love you all dearly:

Sean Davis  for photography and website design support
Caelum Davis for technical computer  support and photography
Terry Davis for photography

and last but not least...

• All of my wonderful, devoted Yoga and Meditation students who continue to inspire me to become the best Yoga teacher I can be.

Om Shanti! Nameste!

"Letting Go" (from CD Sakash)
Music for Meditation, Eternity Ink pub.
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