Jenny Davis Yoga Relaxation Meditation - Yoga Relaxation Meditation

Meditation Summer Course, 2019
Wed 6 February, for six weeks until
Wed 13 March 2019, 7:00-9:00 pm
Cost: $72 (for 6 weeks)
(The program is run as a six week course, so drop-in or casual attendance is not available)

AREAS OF STUDY: Focus on the Human Energy System in detail, a practical and theoretical exploration of the energy bodies, nadis & chakra systems through study & practise of classic Kundalini meditations. Students will understand how this holistic system can be used as a practical life tool to create health, balance & peace of mind. Study of Deepak Chopra’s Journey to the Boundless forms part of the theoretical study material.
PRACTICAL MEDITATIONS: Kundalini meditations for balancing the nadis & chakras, grounding, clearing & integrating the energy system, including breathing practices, visualisations, use of seed mantras & other kundalini meditations; calculating & working with Chakra system personal life stages.
 WEEK 1: Wed 6/2
(i) Introduction to this term’s main areas of study (Journey to the Boundless) & Kundalini meditation theory & practices
(ii) Qi Gong grounding session (outside weather permitting)
(iii) Journey to the Boundless session 1 (D Chopra, 1, 4-10 incl)
(iv) Introduction to major pranayama technique, alternate nostril breathing, initial practice.
(v) Yoga Nidra Grounding/subtle energy meditation
WEEK 2: Wed 13/2
(i)  Kundalini grounding meditation using chakra oils
(ii) ) Journey to the Boundless session 2 (D Chopra, 1, 11-15 end)
(iii)Psychic Polarisation meditation for balancing the nadis (energy channels), technique 1
(iv) Alternate Nostril Pranayama, session 2
WEEK 3: 20/2
(i) Psychic Polarisation technique 2 for ida & pingala nadi balance
(ii) Journey to the Boundless session 3 (D Chopra, 4, 11-14 incl., relationship of the Physical Body to the Subtle Body – Vedic philosophy)
(iii) Aura Cleansing Visualisations (2 x practices)
(iv) Alternate Nostril Pranayama, session 3
WEEK 4: Wed 27/2
(i) Kundalini Chakra study (a brief delineation of the 7 main chakras & attributes)
(ii) Kundalini Chakra Clearing Meditation
(iii) Journey to the Boundless session 4 (D Chopra, 5, 6-9 incl., 7 Spiritual Laws for Success)
(iv) Qi Gong/Kundalini Balancing the Chakras
WEEK 5: Wed 6/3
(i) Alternate Nostril Pranayama, session 4
(ii) Journey through the Chakras visualisation & breathing for balancing & clearing
(iii) Journey to the Boundless session 5 (D Chopra, 6, 15 & 17-19, 20-21, Heart Sutra Meditations)
(iv) 3 Energies Psychic Protection/Balancing
WEEK 6: Wed 13/3
(i)  Calculating & working with Chakra system personal life stages
(ii) Journey to the Boundless session 6 (D Chopra, 3, 9-13 incl., Sounds & Healing)
(iii) Using Seed Mantras for each Chakra & locating within the physical & energy body
(iv) Rainbow Light & Fountain Meditation
(v)  Next term's date's & program.

Please contact Jenny Davis by email ( for further information and to indicate your interest in being placed on the booking list for the next course in October 2018 

"Letting Go" (from CD Sakash)
Music for Meditation, Eternity Ink pub.
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