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Many students ask why Yoga teachers begin and end classes with the word "Namesté". "Namesté" is one of the world's great spiritual greetings. Originally from the Hindu religion, "Namesté" was taken on by Yoga (which is non-religious) because of its powerful spiritual message. In essence, the greeting can be translated to mean "I celebrate or honour the place in you where we are One". As the essence of Yoga is to unite or yoke together, the greeting sums up Yoga's philosphy in one word. The hands are usually held in prayer position and head bowed also as a sign of respect and honour. A slightly longer explanation of the term is "I honour the place in you that is the same in me. I honour the place in you where the whole Universe resides. I honour the place in you of Love, of Light, of Peace and of Truth. I honour the place in you that is the same in me. There is but One. Namesté". When you understand the meaning of Namesté then it becomes a powerful positve mental focusing tool. Anyone can use the word as a mantra to shift your thoughts away from the separatism of the Ego to the Unity Consciousness of the Spirit. The more often you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Try this. For one day, whenever you meet anyone, friend, colleague, relation, stranger, silently repeat "Namesté" before interacting with them. Focus on going into each interaction with love, peace and "win-win" as your aim, rather than as the Ego often directs you going into interactions to beat, be proved right or for some form of winner-loser goal. See what sort of a day you have!

Many other words and phrases from other spiritual, religious and cultural traditions convey a similar meaning - can you think of any? Here are just a few:

"I See You" (from James Cameran's movie Avatar)

"May the Force Be with You" (Star Wars)

"We are One in the Spirit, we are One in the Lord" (Christian)

Shalom (Judaism).

Can you send me any more you can think of?

Let me know how your day of Namesté goes.



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