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We are currently on Term Break

Reopening on 10 October 2022

Next Meditation Course

Term 4 2022

Wed 12 October, for six weeks until

Wed 16 November 2022, 7:00-9:00 pm

Cost: $60 (for 6 weeks)

(The program is run as a 6 week course,

so drop-in or casual attendance is not available.

For enquiries email:

AREAS OF STUDY: Exploration of the Third Eye Chakra and practise of various Kundalini Meditation & Yogic techniques to enhance the health and well-being of the Energy Body and the Physical Body, particularly relating to this higher level chakra.

We will focus on different sound modalities, including Japa Bija Mantra and Mantra chanting in general; Crystal Bowl healing; and various pranayama techniques that work on the energy of the brow chakra. Kundalini Grounding, Clearing, Balancing and Energising Meditation practices will also be included to harmonise the overall chakra system. Study materials will include Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Series, “Finding Your Flow”, and Rhonda Byrne’s The Greatest Secret. Various other modalities will be included to increase the effectiveness of meditation, such as crystals, essential oils, Qi Gong, and various forms of visualisations, including Mandalas.

WEEK 1: Wed 12/10/22

(i) Introduction to this term’s main areas of study

(ii) Psychic Polarisation Visualisation, Method 1

(iii) Grounding the Chakras, various methods, including traditional Kundalini, crystals and reflexology

(iv) Introduction to the Third Eye and Finding your Flow Basic Bija Mantra

WEEK 2: Wed 19/10/22

(i) Kundalini Aura Cleansing

(ii) Use of the Crystal Bowl sound vibration for healing the Third Eye from the Physical, Mental and Energy levels

(iii) Use of Psychic Symbols and mandalas for the Third Eye. Open and closed eyed Meditations

(iv) The Greatest Secret – session 1, Rhonda Byrne

(v) Japa Mala Mantra practise for the Third Eye, loud, whispering and silent.

WEEK 3: Wed 26/10/22

(i) Kundalini Clearing the Chakras

(ii) Alternate Nostril Breathing and other pranayama for balancing the nervous system and the Third Eye

(ii) Crystal Bowl and colour visualisation for the Third Eye

(iv) Finding Your Flow, Intermediate level for the Third Eye

WEEK 4: Wed 2/11/22

(i)Kundalini Balancing the Chakras, various methods

(ii) The Greatest Secret – session 2, Rhonda Byrne

(iii) Connecting to your Higher Guidance and Intuition a Meditation, using crystal for the Third Eye. Programming the crystal with an intention

(iv)Neytrasana, various Eye exercises for stimulating, strengthening and balancing the Third Eye.

WEEK 5: Wed 9/11/22

(i) Journey Through the Chakras, harmonising and balancing meditation

(ii) Finding Your Flow, Advanced practice for the Third Eye

(iii) Using your Crystal and Intention, continuing meditation practice

(iv)Qi Gong for the Third Eye.

WEEK 6: Wed 16/11/21

(i) Rainbow Light and Fountain Visualisation for harmonising the Chakra System

(ii) The Greatest Secret – session 3, Rhonda Byrne

(iii) Using Intuition and Inner Guidance – a meditation, including use of the Crystal Bowl.

(iv) Next term’s dates and plan.

 Another way you can learn meditation and relaxation practices is on my YouTube channel. Over time I will be gradually adding more and more content, so please subscribe and you will be notified of new videos. Subscribing is free! The link to my channel JD Healing Vibes is

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"Letting Go" (from CD Sakash)

Music for Meditation, Eternity Ink pub.

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