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Next Meditation Course

Term 4 2023

Wed 18 October, for four weeks until

Wed 8 November 2023, 7:00-9:00 pm

Cost: $40 (for 4 weeks)


(The program is run as a 4 week course,

so drop-in or casual attendance is not available.

For enquiries email:


THEME OF THE COURSE: Continuing Cultivating the Energy Vibration of Unconditional Love as a default way of being and operating in the World (from term 2).  This is the key to healing, to experiencing an abundant, happy, joyful life and to promoting this way of being around you to others and the environment.


RESOURCES FOR THE COURSE: Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic; Sound and Mantra meditations for the Heart Chakra; Visualisations for the Heart Chakra (Including Water Crystal Meditation); Qi Gong, more advanced work for healing; viewing of DVD The Power of The Heart, (81 mins)



WEEK 1: Wed 18/10/23

(i) Introduction to this term’s main areas of study, catch up and sharing.

(ii) Psychic Polarisation Meditation

(iii) So Ham Mantra Japa Meditation (1)

(iv) Magical Rock (Adapted from Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic)



WEEK 2: Wed 25/10/23

(i) So Ham Mantra Japa Meditation (2)

(iii)Viewing of DVD The Power of The Heart, and discussion



WEEK 3: Wed 1/11/23

(i) Qi Gong, more advanced self-healing practice.

(ii)Magical Health Meditation (Adapted from Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic)

(iii)So Ham Mantra Japa Meditation (3)



WEEK 4: Wed 8/11/23

(i)Sound and Mantra for the Heart Chakra

(ii)Water Crystal Meditation, Love and Gratitude (Adapted from Masaru Emoto’s work)

(iii)So Ham Mantra Japa Meditation (4), with focus on the Heart Chakra and sending Love.

For More on Meditation, visit our Youtube channel,

JD Healing Vibes:

or visit the Yoga & Meditation Videos page in this website

"Letting Go" (from CD Sakash)

Music for Meditation, Eternity Ink pub.

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