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Some Wonderful Students Have Their Say:

"Jenny - thank you for your wonderful yoga classes, I consider myself so lucky to have you as my yoga teacher. Your classes have made such a difference to my quality of life and wellbeing. Thank you for introducing me to the joy and amazing benefits of yoga!" (Sarah, Dec 2013)

“We can’t recommend 

Jenny’s Yoga classes 

enough, the improvement in 

our flexibility and strength 

was amazing. Robert and I attended classes for 5 years 

and hated missing any as we were never pushed to over-

extend ourselves and we just worked within our 

limitations, and over the

years we improved greatly. One of our favourite parts of the classes was the meditation at the end – it always left us feeling so relaxed.” (Roberta and Robert)

“Over a ten-year period of attending meditation classes...I have observed Jenny has honestly and genuinely ‘done the hard yards’ in regards to the legitimate personal growth journey....she has built up a wide variety of meditation techniques and gained insight into creative and useful ways of sharing these tools...Jenny’s sensitivity to where group members are ‘at’ is evidenced by her thoughtful preparation, deep understanding and generous input into each session...I find Jenny’s personal and teaching skills to be a great support in both developing and maintaining peacefulness and groundedness”. (Patricia)

“Jenny, thank you for all of your teaching, friendship, care and love...I have learnt so much from you and evolved spiritually through your Yogic guidance...I will carry your gift of yoga throughout my life....” (Geoff)

“Please accept a ‘BIG” Thank You to you for your generosity shown in acknowledging my 10 years of coming along to your classes...The fact that I have been coming to your classes for so long Jenny is I feel testament to your teaching. Your professionalism, combined with your caring attitude with each and every student to ensure they are getting the most from each class is much appreciated...” (Nameste, Margaret)  

"I have been a meditation & yoga student of Jenny’s for over 10 years. During this time I have found that both meditation and yoga with the gentle guidance of this amazing teacher have allowed me to increase my wellbeing both physically and spiritually. The sense of calm and peace that I have always found from weekly sessions with Jenny has enriched my life and that of all around me.

Jenny readily shares her wealth of knowledge of both the physical and soul based limbs of Yoga through various modalities. Over the 10 years my journey has been fulfilling and I continue to apply the great techniques that Jenny has taught me, as I continue this wonderful journey. Thank you Jenny. ~ Louise."

"Letting Go" (from CD Sakash)

Music for Meditation, Eternity Ink Pub.

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