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Please enjoy browsing through the following photos of a selection of Yoga Asana and Meditation postures. You may double click on any image to enlarge and activate the slide show. For your interest the Asana have been labelled using firstly their Sanskrit name, then their English translation/description with indication of level of difficulty - easy, intermediate or advanced. In Yoga practice, it is important to work at your own capacity with ahimsa or "non-injury" in mind - practice should be done for internal health and well-being not for the benefit of the ego. The more challenging postures should only be attempted when the easier ones are mastered and the guidance of a skilled Yoga teacher in explaining how to move into, out of and work postures using the breath (pranayama) is vital until the student has the knowledge and experience to practise their own sadhana (individualised Yoga program) independently. Improvement can be gradual. Patience and holding the mind in the present moment are important qualities the discipline of Yoga fosters. These qualities are as important as the physical benefits.

Some of the Asana presented here are unsuitable for pregnancy and contraindicated for certain medical conditions, so it is important to seek your medical health care professional's approval before commencing any yoga program as well as seeking the guidance of a qualified Yoga Teacher for advice on how to adapt Yoga to your own needs.


Mountain Posture (Easy)

Utthita Padahastasana

Standing Hand to Foot Posture (Advanced)


Pelvic Stretch (Easy)


Pelvic Stretch (Intermediate difficulty)

Pawanmuktasana stage 1

Gas Relieving Pose legs raised (Easy)


Plough Posture (Advanced)

Halasana Variation

Plough Posture legs spread (more 



Plank (Basic to Intermediate)


Side Push-up (Intermediate)

Padahasta Vasisthasana Variation

Side Push-up Hand to Foot (Advanced)


Downward Dog Stretch (Easy)

Virabhadrasana stage 1

Pose of the Warlord (Easy)


Side Angle (Flank) Posture (Easy)

Baddha Parsvakonasana

Bound Side Angle Pose (Intermediate)

Parivrtta Dandasana

Staff Twist (Easy)

Ardha Baddha Padma 


Half Bound Lotus Twist (Advanced)

Viparita Karani 1

Legs Up the Wall Supported Pose (Easy)

Viparita Karani Baddhakonasana

Legs up the Wall Star Pose (Easy)

Viparita Karani 1

Legs Up the Wall Supported Pose (Easy)

Viparita Karani Ardha Halasana

Legs up the Wall Half Plough, supported (Intermediate)

Ardha Sarvangasana

Half Shoulderstand Unsupported 


Sarvangasana Variation

Shoulderstand, foot to knee (Advanced)

Parayankasana stage 1

Bridge Posture (Easy)


Wheel Posture (Advanced)

Parayankasana Variation

Bridge Posture, one leg raised 



Wheel Posture (Advanced)

Japa Mala Meditation in 


Meditation using Meditation Beads in 

seated Hidden Posture

Japa Mala Drishti in Padmasana

Open-eyed meditation using inward gaze and Meditation Beads

"Letting Go" (from CD Sakash)

Music for Meditation, Eternity Ink pub.

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